An Autism Life Coach is a person certified or specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders who works with individuals on the autism spectrum as a "coach" to help them develop their skills and obtain the knowledge, resources and support necessary to overcome the personal and social challenges associated with autism.



        What is an Autism Life Coach...

and how can I help you?
My role as an Autism Life Coach is to help you identify and assess your unique skills, talents, and strengths and to help you address any
obstacles that may be preventing you from developing these strengths. Together, by examining what is going on right now in your personal and professional life, we will work to diminish these challenges.

I use evidence-based and individualized interventions to help you build confidence and competences in areas where you feel you struggle the most. I teach you specific techniques and strategies to help you

effectively develop your skills and reach your personal goals.


Benefits gained from working with me:


  • Improved Social Skills, Social Competency & Connectedness

  • Increased Understanding of Expected & Unexpected Behaviors

  • Better Communication/Conversation Skills/Social Pragmatics

  • Lower Stress & Anxiety Levels

  • Diminished Undesirable Habits & Rituals

  • Improved Executive Functioning Skills:  Goal Setting,  Time  Management, Organization, Problem Solving, Task Completion, Prioritizing & Establishing Routines

  • Improved Independent Living & Employment Skills

  • Improved Self Awareness & Self Advocacy

  • More Meaningful Relationships & Friendships

  • Better Coping Skills & Sensory/Emotional Self-Regulation

  • Enhanced Confidence & Self Esteem


By capitalizing on your own inner strength, talents and interests, my
role is to motivate and inspire you in ways that help you build your self-esteem and social competency, create opportunities for personal growth and success,  and ultimately live a happier, more fulfilling, and connected life.

You are the only person in your life who truly knows who you are and what you need.


You are the expert who can recognize what is absolutely best for you. I am an expert in Autism Life Coaching. My goal is to help you to achieve your personal best. 


We work together as a team. I can help you

               take control of your life...

                                             This is your journey!

My goal as a life coach is to help you make your life be



want it

to be.

NH COuncil on Autism

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