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I have spent the better part of the last ten years working as a Direct Support Professional and Life Coach helping to enhance the quality of life for individuals who have autism and other developmental disabilities.

I see this work as an extension of my ongoing interest in human diversity.

I am an anthropologist and an artist at heart.  I am fascinated with the various ways people from around the world interpret the environment in which they live and express their perceptions of it.  My bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Colorado College, my Masters in Education with a focus on Human Development and Multicultural Education from Harvard, and my Master's level Certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders from Antioch University, confirmed what I have known intrinsically all along - there are endless ways to perceive shared human experiences and to communicate these perceptions to others.


I have always been interested in communication and the role of language in human society.  Much of my role as an ASD Life Coach involves teaching social communication skills (social pragmatics).  But I also am very interested in all forms of non-verbal communication including animal assisted learning and the expressive arts. I have volunteered as a side walker and leader for the Crotched Mountain Equine Therapy Program in Greenfield, New Hampshire and co-facilitated several programs for individuals with developmental disabilities at the Avalon Healing Arts Barn Studio in Temple, New Hampshire, using miniature horses, goats, ducks and chickens as teachers. I also have worked as a LifeMap coach for the Asperger's /Autism Network (AANE) out of Watertown, Mass.


I have a personal interest in the creative arts including silversmithing, water color and acrylic painting, mixed media and collage, and repurposing vintage found items. When possible, I try to incorporate  the arts into my life coaching. Currently I enjoy teaching studio arts to a group of developmentally disabled adults at Farmsteads of New England in Hillsborough, NH, several of whom are on the autism spectrum. For many on the spectrum, art provides a  therapeutic reprieve from the confusion, stress and challenges of their daily lives. For some it is a far more comfortable, nonjudgmental form of expression than verbal communication.


All educators and artists know that there is no "correct" way to perceive and interpret the world around us. This is one reason that many people on the spectrum are artistically talented - they tend to have little concern for cultural conventions and tend to think outside the box. Neurotypicals like myself have a great deal to learn from them and the different ways in which they perceive the world.  We need to accept the fact that it is ok to "color outside the lines".




"I began working alongside Amy in 2007, teaching art to adults

with autism.  The participants represented a wide range of

abilities and interests, and as a group we began exploring

communication through different mediums. 


Amy’s soothing approach drew wonderful creations out of some rather

apprehensive students, and I soon saw her natural talent in providing

guidance to a wide spectrum of learners.  Her gentle spirit draws in

those she works with as she encourages growth. 


After seeing first-hand the wonderful inspiration Amy offers as a mentor and teacher, I am confident that anyone who seeks out her life coaching services will be greatly satisfied."  


  Curtis Phelps,  Program Director, Farmsteads of New England,   www.farmsteads-ne.org


Amy Lowell, M.Ed.

Certified Autism Specialist, Independent Life Coach


LifeMap Coach at the Asperger's /Autism Network, (AANE)


People who have autism do not have a disability they have a different way of perceiving the world around them.


There is much we all can learn from this ability

to see and think outside the box.




As part of my

practice I strive

to promote

the works of autistic artists.

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