• Do you feel like you don't fit in and other people think you are weird?

  • Are you tired of feeling socially awkward and rejected?

  • Are you lonely, anxious or depressed?

  • Do you long for friends and meaningful relationships?


You are not alone!

The majority of adults with Asperger's and autism spectrum disorders share these feelings.


But this doesn't have to be...


With life coaching geared specifically for adults on the autism spectrum you can live a more meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Time for a change?






into your life...









"It is never too late to expand the mind

of a person on the autism spectrum."                           Temple Grandin












 Autism Life Coaching can help you:

  • Improve Social Skills & Social Competency: Go from awkward, uneasy, and reclusive in social settings to relaxed, confident, and engaged. Instead of dreading going to that office party or special family event, actually look forward to it! Get to the point where people enjoy having you around and seek you out for conversation.


  • Develop Better Communication Skills: Learn to...

- Better interpret the “Hidden Curriculum” –body language, social boundaries and all those other confusing, nonverbal messages that mean and say so much;


- Subtly approach and ease into an existing conversation;


- Initiate a conversation and keep it flowing naturally so your audience stays interested and engaged;


- Make “polite small talk” with business acquaintances or strangers;


- Subtly end or leave a conversation that is going no where;


- Better understand all the unspoken rules of communication that may seem clumsy, perplexing or superficial but are essential for successful social interaction and relationship building.


  • Obtain Lower Stress/Anxiety Levels: Manage and lower your stress and anxiety on the job, in the community or with friends and family by learning and practicing simple, quick, “on the spot” relaxation and calming techniques. Learn to recognized your triggers and take your emotions under control before you explode.


  • Diminish Undesirable Habits & Rituals: Free yourself from habits that separate you from others and bring unwanted attention, like self stimulation and perseverating, by finding alternative, more socially acceptable ways of meeting and/or reducing the need. Gain better control over obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors.


  • Improve Executive Functioning Skills: Organization, planning, goal setting and time management an ongoing problem for you? No more wheel spinning, excessive multitasking, last minute rushes or panic attacks. Develop positive and productive routines. Nail your prioritizing, planning and organizational skills so you can meet that deadline and accomplish your goals with time to spare. Imagine the luxury of free time, an uncluttered environment, and feeling on top of your game!


  • Enhance Self Awareness, Compassion & Confidence: Feel like you just don’t fit in? Go from feeling lonely, isolated, inhibited, self-deprecating, anxious, or depressed to feeling comfortable in your own skin. Be proud of who you are, your skills and talents, what you have accomplished and what you have to offer. Let the new self-discovery, self-compassion and enhanced confidence bring more passion, excitement and enjoyment into your life. Feel energized and alive. Learn to advocate for yourself and let your true colors shine!


  • Build More Meaningful Relationships & Friendships: Learn the give and take of relationship building; practice “perspective taking” - learning how to understand another person's point of view - so that you may better interpret what others are feeling and thinking. Learn to be more flexible, patient, forgiving and how to “go with the flow” – all necessary skills for building meaningful relationships. By showing genuine interest in another person you will establish ongoing friendships. Finally enjoy the company of others. Feel included and connected!


Stop hiding.

     It is time to let

         your true colors shine!






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